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The Roess Group since 1912

When Arnold Heinrich Meyer founded his small metalworking shop in Twistringen in 1913, he could not possibly have known, that this was the starting point for an enduring tradition, that we – over 100 years later – feel proud to be a part of.

Thanks to the consistent innovation capability of the following generations, the small machine-building workshop flourished to be one of the economically strongest medium-sized companies in the Twistringen area with its products and expertise valued all over the world. At the same time, we managed to transfer firmly established, local traditions of manufacturing sustainable raw materials, like straw, coconut fiber or jute into modern production processes.

Finding the right balance between tradition and innovation is the cornerstone of our success, which allowed us to cope with the economical and political challenges of the last 100 years. 
Our thanks for accompanying us all this time, go out to our partners, customers, employees and the people in the Twistringen area. We are looking forward to shaping the future of our company together with you!

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